Why you need a Buyer's Agent to purchase real property

Saturday Oct 19th, 2019

Buyer Representation Agreement

Did you know that working with a buyer’s agent to purchase a condo or house will give you a huge advantage over those buying without an agent? Many people think they can handle their own search, and simply work with the listing agent that represents the property they want to purchase. But you should be aware that this could actually put you at a huge disadvantage among your competition (other buyers interested in the same property you are interested in). If you had the option and... [read more]

Mortgage Myth Busters: BANK vs. BROKER

Wednesday May 29th, 2019


If you think a mortgage specialist at a bank is the same as a mortgage broker, here the differences you need to know. Ask any mortgage broker and they will tell you that there are a handful of misconceptions that the public has about working with a mortgage broker. From questioning their credentials (mortgage brokers are all regulated and licensed within their province) to assuming that the broker does not have access to the same rate as the banks (they do in fact – plus access to even... [read more]

A look at our real estate market past and future

Thursday Feb 08th, 2018


If you’re like most Torontonians with an interest in our real estate market, you’ve probably been inundated with perspectives and predictions from the media recently. Reporters use headlines like “the only thing colder than Toronto’s weather is Toronto’s real estate market”. Analysts tell us that January brought a 22% decline in home sales, a 4% price drop, and that number of listings are climbing. While this may be rooted in truth, what the media... [read more]


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